Thursday, April 15, 2010

She Speaks Conference Scholarship and other Thoughts

I've been praying about what God has in store for me next. I've been writing for HeartBeat for about two and a half years. My very first article has turned into a Bible study that has been edited. But now what? That has been my question to God. My editor thinks it is something women really need. The women who sat under the teaching of it have told me the same thing.

But now what? What is my next step, Lord? What do I do with this study you told me to write? How do I get it to the people? Do I self-publish or pitch it to a publisher? I don't even know how to do either of those? My editor said I need to build a platform? How do I do that? Do I travel around teaching it? Do I mail out copies to people? Where does the money come from for all these things? The questions flood my mind...all coming back to What now, Lord?

It's been two months since I finished teaching the study in my home church and I've been praying...trying not to become restless. Oh how hard it is to sit and wait to hear his voice. But, every step of the way, God has led me and shown me not to rush ahead of Him. And so I wait.

Today, as I was catching up on some emails I receive (of blogs I follow), I ran across one that mentioned a scholarship for the She Speaks Conference. Something inside of me stirred when I heard about it. I've wanted to go to a writers/speakers conference before but it never seemed to be the right timing. Could this be it, Lord? Could this be my next step? I could never afford to go but maybe winning the scholarship would help.

I don't know the answer to that or the many other questions...yet. One thing I do know is I felt God leading me to enter the contest. No guarantees of guarantees of attending...simple obedience of writing an article and entering. And so, I will obey...and write.

If you are reading this and are interested in knowing more about the She Speaks Conference or the scholarship giveaway, click here. Deadline for scholarship submissions is tonight at midnight.

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Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Nice to meet you Debbie! So happy you stop by my place (Blessed...) from time to time.

I HAVE attended She Speaks before, and boy howdy, what a time that was.

Saying a little prayer for you right now, that you will be able to attend.